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Good Hoots: Spinach Blueberry

Good Hoots is the section of our Blog where we take a closer look at some of our most requested and top selling cannabis products here at Good Roots.

Continuing the summer berry vibe from our last Good Hoots, this time we're taking a look at the long time crowd-pleaser known as Blueberry, and specifically Spinach's new offering of that famous strain in the Canadian market.

If there were official polls on this sort of thing, Blueberry would likely be ranked as one of the most popular strains of all time, and having been around since the 1970's it has racked up quite a following. It looks great, it tastes great, and it delivers that stereotypical cannabis high in that it's totally relaxing, mind-mellowing, and mood enhancing.

Let's find out what makes this strain so delicious...

Spinach Blueberry Cannabis


Wanting a name that didn't appeal to kids, Spinach was born in 2018 as part of the Cronos Group, who also head up the premium cannabis brand, Cove. With large growing facilities on both sides of this massive country, both in Ontario & in B.C., Cronos has plenty of cannabis allowing them to also supply medical weed through the brands Peace Naturals and Original BC.

Cronos Growing Facility

A massive company with operations across five continents, Cronos has an equally massive genetic library of cannabis built up over years, and Spinach is able to pull from that library and offer some great strains to the legal Canadian market such as Diesel, White Widow, and the strain we are most interested in today, Blueberry.


If you've never heard of DJ Short, he's definitely worth a Google search. The fact that he is dubbed 'The Willy Wonka of Pot' should be sufficient motivation for you. If not, what about his great-grandmother being a gypsy cannabis herbalist? I mean, if that doesn't grab you, nothing will.

Back in the 1970's DJ Short was playing around with many different exotic landrace strains, cross-breeding and basically trying to come up with some great new cannabis strains with interesting new flavours & effects.

Blueberry Cannabis Plant

One of those experiments, a rumoured cross between Afghani & Thai landrace strains, resulted in a super fruit and berry scented plant with bluish tinged leaves which Short decided to call Blueberry.

Blueberry quickly caught on in popularity due to its delicious flavours, but also because of its seriously chill high, as well as the high potencies that this strain usually offers. Over the decades, Blueberry has gone on to amass a ton of awards including Cannabis Cups for Best Indica as well as Best Overall Strain.

The bluish, fruity smelling buds are super sticky and, like most indicas (Blueberry is technically an indica-dominant hybrid), are quite dense. Blueberry smokers will quickly notice the uplifting cerebral effects supplied by its partial sativa heritage, but then a more hazy, calming, and relaxing high takes over as the indica effects take control.

Myrcene & Limonene provide Blueberry with its signature fruity aromas and flavours, along with a underlying hit of Afghani spice from the Caryophyllene. That Myrcene is responsible for that couch-lock feeling you're going to encounter too. So, you know, blame it for your laziness.

Spinach Blueberry Closeup

It's delicious, it's dank, and it pairs well with an actual Blueberry smoothie. Woah... deja vu.

Spinach Blueberry is available (most of the time) at Good Roots, your favourite dispensary in Sherwood Park! Take a closer look on our website and grab yours today.

Happy Tokin'

The Good Roots Gang


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