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Good Hoots: OGEN Bow Valley OG #26

Good Hoots is the section of our Blog where we take a closer look at some of our most requested and top selling cannabis products here at Good Roots.

OGEN Bow Valley OG #26. A bit of a mouthful yes, but what it all boils down to is a locally grown version of a major cannabis classic with all kinds of flavour and a great buzz.

For all the terpene hunters out there, you'll be excited to hear that this first batch we received came in at over 6% terps! For those of you still learning about terpenes and the great benefits found within these natural wonders, this is roughly 4-6x the levels of terps found in your average legal Canadian cannabis today.

Want to know more about terpenes and their benefits? Click here.

OGEN Bow Valley OG


This cannabis producer was founded back in 2013 and grows their beautiful plants right here in Alberta! As you may be able to tell from the name of the strain in question today, OGEN operates out of their Calgary base and has released a number of tasty strains so far like Lemon Z, Gas Berries, & Early Glue.

OGEN Grow Facility

With small (<1,500sq.ft), dedicated grow rooms and a passionate team, OGEN strives to produce both rare hunted phenotypes as well as much loved classics. These guys hang dry, hand trim, and slow cure everything they grow.

Bow Valley OG #26

Speaking of well loved classics, Bow Valley OG #26 may be more familiar to you by the name OG Kush. OGEN's phenotype of this legendary and oft-bred strain is a bright, flavourful version that shows off the very best qualities of the plant, and unlike most OG Kush, is actually listed as a Sativa-dominant.

One of the most grown and cross-bred strains ever, OG Kush is an American strain that dates back to the 1990's in Florida. Arguments exist on its true origins, but needless to say this strain has become representative of excellent West Coast grass.

Bow Valley OG Plant

Like a lot of cannabis strains, there is some murkiness when discussing the origins of this one, but most agree that OG Kush comes to us as a cross of Chemdawg with a landrace Hindu Kush strain. What we can agree on is that this (typically) 30% Sativa / 70% Indica plant is well deserving of its great reputation!

Being Indica-dominant, the buds are large and dense as you might expect, with yellowy-green colouring along with the occasional dash of purple here and there, especially if exposed to some cold weather during flowering.

OGEN Bow Valley OG Bud

OG Kush is known for being a pungent flower and the lemon-lime citrus meets gasoline smell will quickly fill any room you are lucky enough to break up these buds in. This one is, in a word, Dank.

Despite these fruity and gassy aromas, each hit offers more of an earthy, hash-like flavour when toked leaving a spicy aftertaste. It really is a wide range of scents and tastes all wrapped up in one great plant.

OGEN Bow Valley Closeup

Being a mix of Indica & Sativa, the effects are also a bit of a mixed bag. At first, you'll get the heady euphoria and a rush of energy which will gently give way and leave you on the couch completely relaxed, with a smile on your face.

Support local and give OGEN a try today!

OGEN Bow Valley OG #26 is available (most of the time) at Good Roots, the best local cannabis stores around! Take a closer look on our website and grab yours today.

Happy Tokin'

The Good Roots Gang


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