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"What is Bubble Hash and How Do I Use It?"

Lately we've taken a closer look at Kief, Vapes, Live Resin, Hashish, & Rosin and today it is the turn of the crumbly wonder known as Bubble Hash, which is the latest concentrate to recently arrive in store here at Good Roots.

While Bubble Hash shares some qualities with Hashish and Kief, it really is its own unique cannabis concentrate. Let's find out why.

Bubble Hash

What Is Bubble Hash?

Whereas Hashish is most often found pressed in to a brick or sphere shape and then broken up to smoke, Bubble Hash comes in an unpressed, almost crumbly form which can vary from a paste-like to a powder-like consistency. It can also vary in colour from blonde to red to even black in some cases. Typically, the lighter the colour, the better quality the Bubble Hash.

Closeup Live Resin

More technically speaking, Bubble Hash is composed of the trichomes (or resin glands) of the cannabis plant which have been removed from the remaining plant matter. These trichomes contain very high levels of THC as well as various other cannabinoids and terpenes, making it a flavourful, potent option which typically ranges from 30-60% THC.

How Bubble Hash Is Made

Bubble Hash is a favourite amongst the more health-conscious of cannabis users as, unlike many cannabis concentrates, it does not rely on the application of gases such as butane or carbon dioxide to refine the product and extract the THC.

While traditional Hashish relies on the manual extraction of the resin by rubbing the plant with your hands and rolling the resin to press it together, Bubble Hash is flash frozen or given an ice bath, after which it is agitated to separate the trichomes which are run through a series of bubble bags, which are essentially increasingly fine screens designed to filter the trichomes down to their purest form and remove any other sort of plant matter.

Ice Cannabis Bubble Hash

There are minor differences in post-production such as curing and pressing, which will effect the final consistency of the bubble hash, with most available on the market right now being of a more powdery texture. It certainly looks very different to traditional Hashish!

How To Use Bubble Hash

Getting its name from the bubbling effect often seen when smoking Bubble Hash, the easiest way to consume this concentrate is to either sprinkle some in your normal joint or on top of your regular bowl for a extra-potent tokeable treat.

Using Bubble Hash

Hash Pipes are also available which are usually smaller and narrower than a typical pipe to stop the hash from getting drawn through the air holes. Keep your lighter a small distance from the hash and gently heat it without applying a direct flame. Dab Rigs can also be used to combust hash along with other concentrates like shatter or budder.

Bubble Hash is available (most times) at Good Roots Cannabis, your favourite cannabis store here in Sherwood Park.

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