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"What are Vapes, Vape Pens, & Vaporizers?

As cannabis distillate vaporizers have now (finally) been approved for sale here in Alberta, and our first stock has arrived at Good Roots here in Sherwood Park, it's only fitting that we delve in and explore the range of legal options available for you to try.

While there have been desktop and portable style vaporizers (or vapes for short) around for a while now, such as the Arizer Q or the Crafty+, these vaporizers were primarily meant for use with dry herb and also with some extracts such as wax. The new generation of newly legal vapes are distillate based meaning there is a cannabis oil, usually along with terpenes, within the device which is heated and quickly converted to a low-odour vapour which is inhaled by the user.

These new distillate based vapes are really convenient because it allows manufacturers to greatly reduce the size of the device, often down to the size of a small pen...hence the name vape pen.

One thing to keep in mind with distillate vapes is that they can top out in excess of 80 or even 90% THC and can blast inexperienced users to the moon if not carefully used, so watch out!

There are two main types of new devices we're going to take a look at: Disposable Vape Pens & 510 Cartridges.

Disposable Vape Pens

As the name suggests, these devices are both pen-sized and disposable. Though called disposable, a more fitting term may be recyclable, as these are made to be recycled and can be dropped off in store here at Good Roots when finished and we'll take care of it for you.

With one small sleek pen sized device containing the cannabis distillate, the heating coil, and a battery, it's everything you need to get vaping. Some of these super-convenient vape pens such as the San Rafael lineup don't even make you fiddle around with a button to activate the vape. Simply start to draw in on the mouthpiece and the vape will automatically turn on and start to heat up. There is even a little light on the bottom that turns on when in use. Small, stylish, and so easy to use.

510 Cartridges

The other new type of vape on the market is usually referred to as a 510 thread cartridge style vape. They differ from the disposable vape pens in that they are a reusable 2-part design: one part is the cartridge containing the cannabis distillate, the other part containing the battery (of which there are all manner of styles and sizes to choose from) to power the device and which is often sold separately.

The name 510 comes from the 10x 0.5mm thread pattern used to connect the two parts of the device, this thread pattern becoming the universal standard allowing you to use your battery (also available at Good Roots) with a wide range of products. These devices are often rechargeable via connections such as USB and can used again and again helping to reduce waste. These 510 cartridges often work out cheaper than the disposable kind as you aren't buying a battery and heating unit every time.

Vapes w/ Batteries

Just unscrew and recycle your emptied cartridge, grab a new one, screw it in, and away you go. It's that easy.

These cartridges generally contain anywhere from 0.15g to 0.5g of distillate which, at these powerful THC levels, can last even experienced users for weeks making this a great option for your everyday smoke, though users seeking a stealthy and convenient smoke will especially love their new vapes because of their small size, ease of use, and low odour.

Vaping Concerns

One other thing to mention is the current reputation of 'vaping' as it relates to the illnesses recently found to have been caused by nicotine vapes. Studies show (at time of writing) that these vapes were found to have added ingredients such as Vitamin E Acetate which has since been thought to have been the cause of the illnesses.

These cannabis vapes contain just the cannabis oil and often the terpenes as well with no additional ingredients. You should, of course, vape at your own discretion and with care.

Come and chat with us about Vapes or anything cannabis anytime.

Happy Tokin'

The Good Roots Gang

(Home of the Best Selection of Vapes in Sherwood Park)


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