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Top Ten: Stoner Albums

Cannabis tends to make many things better for many people, but perhaps more than any other thing, we could probably all agree it makes music better.

While it makes pretty much all music better, there are some bands, song, and albums that just seem to benefit a little more from a pre-listen toke... or two.

We've broken down a list of our absolute favourites to share with you. Let us know what you think of our list, and we'd love to see your own list! Send it to us via our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages and share your fav's with the world.

10. Black Sabbath - Master of Reality (1971)

We start off with an absolute monster of metal, Black Sabbath, and their huge Master of Reality album. It feels like a great way to start as this album is considered by some to be the very birth of stoner rock itself.

Speaking of great starts, the album kicks off with Sabbath's ode to marijuana, and doesn't let up from there.

This album is certified double platinum and is full of great tunes so sit back, smoke a doob, and slide away in to the void.

Pairs well with: Marley Black Prerolls. Perfect for night time listening on the sabbath or any other day.

9. The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced (1967)

Known for his phenomenal guitar playing and psychedelic riffs, this is the album where it all started. With game-changing tunes like Foxy Lady and Fire, as well as new versions of old blues classics like Red House, Hendrix burst on to the scene and changed it forever with this record.

If you haven't already, it's time you experienced this album from start to finish with your good friend Mary Jane.

Pairs well with: Abba Medix Purple Bud. Guaranteed to send you in to a Purple Haze.

8. Dr. Dre - The Chronic (1992)

Dre's first solo album following his acrimonious departure from N.W.A. was a banger with huge hits like Ain't Nuthin' But a G Thang and Let Me Ride that shook up the Hip Hop industry with its release back in 1992.

The name for this album is fitting, as this is indeed The Chronic. Named after the street name for super potent weed, one can only imagine how much chronic was actually ingested during its recording. So pay tribute, find your best chronic, and drop the needle on this one.

Pairs well with: Simply Bare OG Kush. The OG's know why.

7. Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited (1965)

It's Bob Dylan, the man who turned The Beatles on to weed. It has one of the greatest songs of all time, Like A Rolling Stone, on it... and that's just track one. What else do you need to know?

A tour de force all the way through, it's a blending of American music like only Dylan can deliver. Rock, Blues, Folk, Bluegrass, and Country influences & sounds all get blended together in a whirlwind and come out with Dylan's own legendary and unique sound.

Pairs well with: Haven St Vanilla Earl Grey Tea Bag. They even sound like a Dylan song, don't they? Kinda like a Brand New Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat. But seriously, sit back, sip back, and enjoy.

6. Led Zeppelin II (1969)

A 12x Platinum awarded album, this amazing follow-up to the band's debut kicks off with the amazing and trippy Whole Lotta Love and rambles on from there with a blast of blues and rock guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a groove in your step.

Just imagine how many doobs have been smoked to this album over the years....

Pairs well with: Redecan God Bud. Share some God Bud with the Gods of Rock n' Roll.

5. Miles Davis - Bitches Brew (1970)

This album, from one of the most famous Jazz musicians of all time, blew people's minds when first released back in 1970. A triumphant mix of jazz, rock, & funk, this record was a rarity in being both revolutionary and experimental, and yet still a commercial success.

One of those albums that deserves a great set of headphones, it's a perfect listen for a late-night chill sesh in your Sanctuary. Prepare to be moved.

Pairs well with: Mollo 5.0. These ain't no Bitches Brews, but delicious hoppy brews with THC & CBD.

4. Radiohead - Kid A (2000)

Perhaps the most successful experimental album since The Dark Side of The Moon, Radiohead's Kid A shook up the meaning of what a mainstream rock band was. Moving away from their successful guitar based sound to an electronic mixing of loops, beats, and licks, this one blew a lot of minds when released in 2000.

Perfect for a lazy Sunday or late night blaze, everything will be in its right place with this seminal record.

Pairs well with: Phyto Pink Kush Vape. The electronic vape of relaxing Pink Kush will wrap you in a warm blanket as the electronic masterpiece of an album does the same to your brain.

3. The Beatles - Rubber Soul (1965)

Before you even drop the needle on this album, the weed influence is clear. The trippy, stretched out cover image with the suspect looking leaves in the background is a massive clue as to what was inspiring The Beatles at this time in their career (Thanks Bob!).

With more Soul & Folk influence than previous Beatles' albums, this one showed a maturity in their song writing as well as a broadening of themes covered. Things had moved on from She Loves You & Love Me Do to songs like I'm Looking Through You & Think For Yourself, and cannabis was, in part, to thank for this progression.

Pairs well with: Top Leaf Blue Dream. Take it to the Toppermost of the Poppermost!

2. Bob Marley - Legend (1984)

While this is technically a compilation album, it is most definitely worthy of this list. The best selling reggae album of all time (and rightly so), it contains 14 of Marley's biggest songs and is pure gold from top to bottom.

If you crank this album, burn one down, and close your eyes... it's so easy to imagine laying on a warm beach somewhere with the sun beating down. Let's just say you won't want to get up or stand up to move away when this album is on.

Pairs well with: Legend Chocolates. Takes one to know one.

and the best stoner album of all time:

1. Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of The Moon (1973)

What can you even say about this album that hasn't already been said? Probably the most famous stoner album of all time, it really is epically good.

Without a doubt the greatest concept album of all time, it spawned massive radio hits like Money & Time, but also played like one massive piece of music from start to finish. Ear-bending sounds combined with mind-bending lyrics means this album goes with cannabis like bacon goes with eggs... or like milk goes with chocolate.

So turn it up loud (again headphones work wonders here) and blaze away. Just don't forget to breathe.

Pairs well with: Original Stash Hash. Warp to the dark side with a blast of hash and melt in to your couch like its 1973 all over again.

So, how do you feel about our Top Ten Stoner Albums list? Love it? Hate it? Can't understand why your favourite didn't make it on? Let us know, and watch out for more Good Roots Top Tens hitting the Pass It On Blog soon.

Happy Tokin'

The Good Roots Gang


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