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Good Hoots: Vertical Cold Creek Kush

Good Hoots is the section of our Blog where we take a closer look at some of our most requested and top selling cannabis products here at Good Roots.

This time around we are taking a deeper look at Vertical's Cold Creek Kush. This popular hard-hitting Indica always seems to come in with percentages of 20 and above and is known for its heavy, kush-like high making it perfect for that late night super chill smoke.


Vertical by name, Vertical by nature. These guys literally grow vertically. Most plants do, you may argue, but at Vertical they grow plants above plants above plants, putting a new spin on the term, resulting in a unique growing operation and in turn reducing their carbon footprint with their innovative techniques.

Vertical Growing Facility

Vertical has just a few offerings right now, with Kent County Kush, Longwoods Leaf, and Shishkaberry making up their dried flower menu along with some pre-rolled options of some of the same strains. Hopefully we see more from them as they are off to a great start with some great cannabis.

Cold Creek Kush

Speaking of great cannabis, their Cold Creek Kush has to be the crowd favourite offering from Vertical so far. A child of two famous strains, MK Ultra & Chemdawg 91, CCK was always destined for greatness and it does not disappoint.

Originally bred by TH Seeds, a 25 year veteran of Amsterdam, Cold Creek Kush grows olive green buds that often are filled throughout with many coppery-orange pistils, and that give off a skunky, yet piney smell.

Along with the commonly found caryophyllene and myrcene, CCK also contains a considerable amount of a more rare terpene called nerolidol which is more often found in Sativa strains such as Jack Haze & Blue Dream and is also found in Jasmine & Lavender flowers. Nerolidol has woody and floral notes and, along with myrcene, is known for its sedating effects.

Cold Creek Kush is a powerhouse kush strain that comes in regularly between 19-26% leaving it at the top end of the THC scale. 3.5g of CCK dried flower goes for $52.99.

A 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup Indica Runner Up, Vertical Cold Creek Kush is available (most of the time) at Good Roots, the best cannabis store in Sherwood Park! Take a closer look on our website.

Happy Tokin'

The Good Roots Gang


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