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Good Hoots: DNA Kosher Kush

Good Hoots is the section of our Blog where we take a closer look at some of our most requested and top selling cannabis products here at Good Roots.

A Good Roots favourite, Kosher Kush from DNA Genetics, is a powerful strain we usually see above 20% that carries a great reputation, and is blessed by a Rabbi (sort of). Let's see if this one deserves all the chutzpah or if it's not worth the schlep.

DNA Genetics

One of the oldest and most respected legal Cannabis companies, DNA Genetics got started back in 2004 in what is perhaps the world capital of weed, Amsterdam.

DNA Growing Facility

Starting off by importing seeds from California to what was the only legal market in the world, DNA has grown to be the most valuable Cannabis company on earth. They now focus on genetically enhancing their plants and creating new strains for us all to enjoy.

The most awarded cannabis company in the world, DNA has more than 180 titles to their name and are claiming more all the time including Cannabis Cups, Emerald Cups, & Canadian Cannabis Awards to name a few.

Teamed up with Canopy Growth in Canada, DNA currently offers great strains such as Lemon Skunk, Chocolate Fondue, & Sour Kush, but we are going to take a closer look at their holiest of strains, Kosher Kush.

Kosher? Kush

DNA's Kosher Kush is a make-your-eyelids-heavy style Indica with both a fruity, yet earthy flavour profile. Being a Kush, it's likely to make your couch a great place to be (between trips to the fridge).

This strain is said to be a descendant of the famous OG Kush, one of the great parent strains which has provided many popular offshoots over the years. Originally an L.A. based varietal named Jew's Gold, DNA obtained a clone and started refining their own version as well as opting for the more PC name change to Kosher Kush.

According to DNA's founders, the very first seedlings of Kosher Kush were in fact blessed by a Rabbi friend of theirs at a house party. Each Kosher Kush plant is an offshoot of those first seedlings and so, as such, comes fully 'blessed' and 'kosher'. Oi vey!

You can expect to see some pretty heavy sugary coverage along with an abundance of orange hairs throughout this mixed green bud. Not as dense as most Kush strains tend to be, this one is a lighter and fluffier version.

Terpene-wise, Kosher Kush gives you Myrcene, Bergamotene, Limonene, & Carophyllene. The Myrcene is mainly responsible for that couch-lock feeling, while the others combine to give you that fruity, yet earthy taste we discussed earlier.

Kosher Kush Closeup

A multiple award winner (High Times Cannabis Cup Best Indica 2010 & 2011, Best Overall 2011), Kosher Kush typically comes in between 16-27%.

DNA Kosher Kush is available (most of the time) at Good Roots right here in Sherwood Park. Take a closer look on our website.

Happy Tokin'

The Good Roots Gang


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