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Good Hoots: Canaca Hashplant

Good Hoots is the section of our Blog where we take a closer look at some of our most requested and top selling cannabis products here at Good Roots.

Canaca Hashplant is one of those strains with a super unique terpene profile which in turn gives it a really unique and interesting scent and flavour. With an equally interesting history and lineage, Hashplant certainly deserves a closer look.


Canaca, owned by High Park, which is in turn owned by Tilray (this Russian Doll company/brand structure is very common in the Cannabis industry) has been around in Canada since 2018 with facilities in both B.C. and Ontario, and very much celebrates its 'Canadianness' as is made obvious by the name, the fact that they launched on Canada Day back in 2018, and its ongoing marketing campaigns.

Canaca Growing Facility

With a wide range of offerings such as Green Cush, White Widow, & Mango, Canaca has quickly become one of the most reliable and consistent producers in Canada and one that would certainly challenge for the overall 'Best Bang for your Buck' prize.


Hashplant is said to have originated with Sensi Seeds, the famous Seed Bank located in the Netherlands and first started back in 1985. Breeding an original landrace Afghani plant with the celebrated and lauded Northern Lights strain, Sensi developed this unique strain which has been popular ever since and is used in the breeding of many other varietals.

Hashplant grows tight, little resin-heavy buds which are typically dense and quite sticky. These buds are usually a dark green colour with darker orange, almost red hairs running throughout.

As mentioned, the terpene profile is quite unique with Hashplant which has high concentrations of Guaiol and Humulene along with the more common Pinene. These terpenes provide the fantastic chocolate & hash-like scent and flavours which you will encounter, and those same terpenes also provide the warm, mellow feeling Hashplant will give you too. Medical users often really like this strain.

Canaca Hashplant Closeup

Hashplant is definitely a great go-to relaxation and recuperation strain, with really chill effects. While it packs a punch, it generally comes in between just 13-17% THC, which puts it in the middle range of potency.

Canaca Hashplant is available (most of the time) at Good Roots right here in Sherwood Park. Take a closer look on our website.

Happy Tokin'

The Good Roots Gang


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