Getting High For The Holidays: Cannabis Xmas Gift Ideas

We probably don't need to remind you, cannabis is now legal. But have you considered that legalization has opened up a whole new line of possible Christmas gifts for all of your legal aged friends and family?

Between beautiful premium buds, the latest in convenient oils & soft-gels, and the coolest cannabis accessories, there is something for practically everybody on your list this year.

Cannabis Christmas

Who Are You Shopping For?

Whether its Mom & Dad, Grandma, or your Best Friend since grade school... we've got the hot gift ideas to ensure a jolly Christmas for all this year.


We all know Dads love gadgets, right? What better than the hottest Vaporizer on the market, the Crafty! Made by the creators of the famous 'Volcano', Storz & Bickel, this vape is seriously good. In fact, it's the best reviewed vape money can buy.

This beauty works with all dry herb, oils, and concentrates. Providing super-fast heat up times, the ability to dial in your exact temperature, and even an accompanying app from Android, this smooth hitting vape is sure to be a hit with any Dad.

$399 - See more details here.

Pairs well with: Broken Coast Savary


So, Moms bake right? And Moms get baked right? Why not make the whole process easy for Ma and surprise her with a Magical Butter machine this Christmas?

This amazing device makes it super simple to create your own cannabis infused oils & butters which can then be used to create wonderful edibles for all of the family (of legal age).

Comes with a Recipe book and everything you need to get started (minus the cannabis).

$229 (On Sale) - See more details here.

Pairs well with: San Rafael Pink Kush


Chances are that your Grandma isn't a big toker (though I'm sure there's some Grandmas out there who could take on Snoop Dogg), but she may really benefit from using cannabis oils or soft-gels.

Great for those who can't smoke, or simply don't want to and are looking for a healthier option, oils come in various strengths of either THC or CBD, or with a blend of the two. This Broken Coast THC oil comes with a whopping 26.2mg/ml of THC, ideal for helping G-Ma relax at the end of a long day.

Broken Coast Oil

A bonus of an oil like this is that it can also be used to make Grandma's baking extra-special this holiday season.

Cannabis Cookies

$61 - See more details here.

Pairs well with: Tweed CBD Soft-Gels

Best Friend

How about a stylish new Bong for your stylish Best Bud? These hot new ceramic Bongs from Moda not only look fantastic on the outside, but being non-transparent, do a great job of hiding all that bong gunge on the inside. Trust us, no one wants to see your bong gunge, even if they are your best friend.

$49 - 10" Available in Black or White

Pairs well with: Riff Sunday Special

With plenty more great gift ideas and all the best cannabis strains, stop by Good Roots this holiday season and shop for all on your list. Open till Midnight daily.

Tis The Season To Be Tokin'

The Good Roots Gang


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