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Getting High For The Holidays 2020: Cannabis Xmas Gift Ideas

So, that was quite the year, hey? Relaxation is high on many people's lists this year, so why not deliver that Christmas cheer to your loved ones this year with the very best in cannabis gifts.

With an ever-expanding menu of cannabis products to choose from this year, including delicious edibles & beverages, potent & flavourful concentrates, and quick & convenient vapes, you will find it easy to please everyone on your list at Good Roots.

Cannabis Christmas

Who Are You Shopping For?

Family, friends, significant others? We've got the dankest gift ideas to ensure a relaxed and fun Christmas for all your legal aged loved ones this year.

Your Significant Other

The love of your life. They deserve the very best, don't they? Well, this year the very best is Simply Bare Organic. Setting the new benchmark for cannabis quality, with organic buds grown in living soil, the flavour on this flower is fantastic.

Simply Bare Blue Dream

This 3.5g glass jar of Organic Blue Dream, known for being a... romantic strain, is the perfect way to show your love this Xmas. And hey, if you don't have a love of your life right now, this strain may just become one.

$54.99 - See more details here.

Grandma & Grandpa

Chances are that your Grandparents aren't big tokers, but they may really benefit from using some of the non-combustible marijuana products out there on the market now.

Great for those who can't smoke, or simply don't want to and are looking for a healthier option, Veryvell drops are super easy and versatile. Being water-soluble, these drops can be added to any food or drink of your choice... just think of the possibilities!

Veryvell Drops

Milkshakes, ice cream, salad dressings, burgers, hot sauce, etc., etc. Also, a great bonus of a format like this is just a few drops can also be used to make Grandma's baking extra-special this holiday season.

$49.99 (On Sale) - See more details here.


We all know Dads love gadgets, right? What better than the hottest Vaporizer on the market, the Crafty! Made by the creators of the famous 'Volcano', Storz & Bickel, this vape is seriously good. In fact, it's the best reviewed vape money can buy.

This beauty works with all dry herb, oils, and concentrates. Providing super-fast heat up times, the ability to dial in your exact temperature, and even an accompanying app from Android, this smooth hitting vape is sure to be a hit with any Dad.

$299 (On Sale) - See more details here.

Pairs well with: Royal City Royal Goddess

Best Friend

Your friends are the cream of the crop, for Christmas this year get them the cream of the crop of vapes, Strawberry Cream from Top Leaf!

Top Leaf Strawberry Cream Vape Kit

The best part about this delicious 510 vape cartridge is the flavour, but the second best part is that it comes with its very own stylish Top Leaf 510 Battery Device. Everything the discerning vaper needs!

$57.99 - See More Details Here

Cannabis Stockings

With plenty more great gift ideas, including curated & custom cannabis packages, stop by Good Roots this holiday season and shop for all on your list. Plus, our 12 Deals of Kushmas Sale is on 'til the 23rd, don't miss out! Open till Midnight daily.

Have a Great Christmas Everyone!

Tis The Season To Be Tokin'

The Good Roots Gang


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