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Cannabis & Covid-19

Strange days indeed! During these times of caution & uncertainty, cannabis can be of some relief to those who experience relaxation from our friendly green plant, although extra care should be taken when preparing and consuming your cannabis while we all hunker down and wait for this to blow over.

Cannabis Face Mask

Here are a few tips to help you stay a safe stoner:

1. Ignore your Mom and Don't Share

Moms always taught us to share, but no sharing those joints, pipes, and bongs until considered safe to do so. Germs are guaranteed to linger on these items and can help spread the virus endangering more people unnecessarily. Sorry Mom.

2. Clean Yo Stuff

Look, a nasty bong or pipe is gross at any time (especially when you are sharing) but during this outbreak you definitely want to be cleaning your smoking tools & accessories regularly. Use a safe (non-toxic) cleaner and focus on the parts that you touch with your hands and mouth. For that really built-up gunge, try using a purpose-made cleaner such as Randy's Black Label (conveniently available at Good Roots for just $9.99).

3. Don't Recycle

Don't recycle? Sounds odd I know, but according to scientists Covid-19 can live on plastic surfaces like cannabis packaging for multiple days and could theoretically spread the virus if moved to other people and places. In the short term, just bin your empties and get back to recycling when the all clear is given.

4. Wash Yo Hands

Another no-brainer, but one that makes a huge difference in the fight against germs. Wash 'em, and wash 'em good. One plus... it gets the smell of dank off your fingers! Another tip: Hemp based moisturizers can help keep your hands hydrated after all that washing.

5. Keep Yo Distance

So you're in a smoke circle with your buddies, all smoking your own joints being safe, but you gotta also remember to spread that circle out a little wider than usual. Keep at least a meter between yourselves as germs can make that jump in the air, especially when propelled by a weed cough!

6. Feeling Sick

If you have reached the point where you are experiencing sickness and you are coughing, consider taking a break from smoking as cannabis use can affect the lungs negatively, and considering Covid-19 targets the lungs specifically, you want optimum health to help you fight it (or other infections) off.

7. Stock Up

Lastly, with so many businesses restricting hours and even closing altogether, if you are one who doesn't want to be without their cannabis, you may want to consider grabbing a little extra to see you through. Low inventory and even store closures are definitely a possibility. Do keep in mind, there is a 30g legal limit on each purchase.

Hopefully these tips are some use to you. Most of all remember to help each other through these difficult times and stay safe! Wash your hands!

Happy Tokin'

The Good Roots Gang


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