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Cannabis 2.0: "What's Available?"

Cannabis Edibles, Cannabis Beverages, Topicals, Vapes, Hashish, & Concentrates have been legal in Canada since Oct 2019 and yet in Alberta, we are still waiting on these new products to arrive in retail stores.

But fear not... they're finally coming!

That's right, now that Health Canada has approved certain product lines (not all, but we'll talk about that later), products are starting to ship to the AGLC and should be available for retail stores to order in the next couple of weeks.

Keep in mind, not all products will be available right away. In fact, the initial roll-out is going to be a bit of a trickle at first with chocolates likely to be the first products to hit shelves hopefully in the 2nd week of January. From there we should see some beverages the following week, and then a steadily increasing number and variety of items over the coming weeks and months as they become available.

What to Expect

> The first thing you can expect is a limit of 10mg of THC per package of any Cannabis 2.0 product. The idea being to ease first-time users (and even experienced users) in to a whole new world of cannabis in a completely safe & enjoyable way. These products are meant to be enjoyed socially, though some may find they need to take a few more than one to reach their preferred level.

> You can also expect, within a few months, a vast array of different 2.0 cannabis products available. With just beverages alone there are CBD Sports Drinks, Herbal Teas, Sparkling Waters, Distilled Beverages, Energy Drinks... and the list goes on! With multiple producers entering the market and some pairing up with existing massive corporations such as Molson, Corona, & Anheuser-Busch, pretty soon you will spoiled for choice.

> One thing you shouldn't expect is Vapes. Alberta has put a hold on the introduction of Vapes until more investigation is done in to the rash of vaping related illnesses recently discovered throughout North America.

Here's a closer look at what we know about the first few products expected to arrive:


As mentioned, there will be a wide variety of beverages coming but most companies are remaining tight-lipped. However, Tweed has released some info on their expected lineup with details on:

Distilled Cannabis

These are basically cocktail mixers (though not recommended to mix with alcohol) that come in a 150ml size with of course, a 10mg THC limit.

These will be based on their Houndstooth, Penelope, and Bakerstreet strains.

RTD (Ready to Drink)

The same strain flavours are available in Tweed's ready to drink canned offerings as well.

Penelope comes pre-mixed with tonic, Houndstooth with soda, and Bakerstreet with Ginger Ale. These come in a 355ml can with 2mg of THC content.

Sparkling Water

Also under the Canopy Growth label (like Tweed), will be the Quatreau Sparkling water beverages.

Coming in flavours like Cucumber+Mint, Passionfruit+Guava, and Blueberry Acai, these 355ml cans will contain 2mg of THC along with up to 25mg of CBD in some flavours.


Bean & Bud

This 70% dark chocolate from Canopy Growth is made from beans grown on a bird sanctuary in the Dominican Republic.

The package contains two pieces of craft chocolate with 5mg THC of per piece.

Tokyo Smoke

This cannabis infused dark chocolate bar from Tokyo Smoke is based on their 'Go' sativa strain.

The bar has 5 pieces, each with 2mg of THC.


Ironically created in an old Hershey factory, Tweed will have a few milk chocolate bars based on their Houndstooth, Bakerstreet, and Penelope strains.

Houndstooth is paired with Mocha, Bakerstreet with Peppermint, and Penelope remains as pure chocolate.

Each of the 4 squares contains 2.5mg of THC. Penelope also contains 1.8mg of CBD.

Well, that gets us started on the first Cannabis products we can expect here in Alberta.

It's exciting times in the Cannabis industry in Canada with a lot of change and innovation to come. Stay tuned to learn the latest on Cannabis 2.0 with Good Roots.

Happy Tokin'

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