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Big Changes at Good Roots!

This week has seen big changes here at your local Sherwood Park cannabis store!

With an ever-growing lineup of your favourite cannabis products arriving weekly here at the dispensary, we've made some adjustments to help improve your experience in our store, as well as to help you see and shop our full catalogue of great cannabis quickly and easily!

Good Roots Cannabis TV Menus

Store Layout

The first thing you'll likely notice is the change in our store layout. We've added more cabinet space to allow us to show off all the new and interesting legal cannabis now available such as Vapes, Oils, Edibles, Beverages, and our Sherwood Park-famous MASSIVE pre-roll list...which at time of writing has 49 types of pre-rolls available!

Plus soon we'll be adding in more products like Hash, Rosin, and Live Caviar, as well as other new exciting cannabis innovations such as topicals & creams over the coming weeks and months.

We've also made some changes in the back end leading to more of our stock closer at hand for our staff meaning a quicker, more efficient experience for everyone involved.

Menu Wall

Then to allow you to easily browse all of our cannabis categories, we've added 8 new T.V.'s to create a brand new Menu Wall which shows off all of our flower, pre-rolls, vapes, oils, edibles, & beverages with THC & CBD%'s, weights, and prices all clearly visible allowing you to make the most informed cannabis buying decisions possible. Plus, don't forget our great staff is always here to guide you and answer your questions.

Online Ordering

If you haven't heard, we also launched Online Ordering in the last few weeks which again simplifies your cannabis buying experience and allows you to view our full catalogue of cannabis and accessories from the comfort of your own home with Live Inventory, so you'll always know what's in stock.

It's super easy! Just place your order, after which a confirmation via text will be sent when the order is ready, and your favourite cannabis will be waiting here at Good Roots just for you. Stay tuned for more updates!

Happy Tokin'

The Good Roots Gang


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